Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Penis, Finally

The real star of The Watchmen is Dr. Manhattan's penis. In these times of political centrism and gratuitous female nudity, The Watchmen surprisingly confronts the male frontal. Appreciation still abounds for Huey Lewis' schlong in Short Cuts, a brief encounter with Scott Glenn in Personal Best, and Glynn Turman's interrupted blow job in a The Wire episode. These encounters with the netherlands, however, pale in comparison to Dr. Manhattan's glowing penis, unfortunately hidden under black briefs when he takes on gargantuan form. Why must that be left to the imagination? Silk Spectre II, what is the fuss about? You get to have sex with two or more forms of your own boyfriend and he divides himself so he could simultaneously be with you while solving the world's problems. Who cares about fully having anything, when the thing is blue? Talk about demanding. 

By the way, it flaps.  

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