Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Syllabus: Fellini and A Half


La Dolce Vita
La Citta Delle Donne
Le Notti di Cabiria
I Clowns
La Strada
Giulietta delgi spiriti
Ginger e Fred
8 1/2


Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Carl Jung
Various Fellini scripts written for Roberto Rosselini
Fellini's drawings are key here

Field Trips:
I heart Roma
Cemetery of Rimini, where Frederico, Giulietta, and their son are buried

Course Objectives:

Why not start big. The circus: say something. Say more. Features of a face: Giulietta Masina. Acting with the face (and not the body): Giulietta Masina. Catholic imagery: explain. Find hope. Find peace. What is sexual freedom really. I once met a man who told me some stories. Screenwriter turned director. Is the dream world the dream world. How does one direct actors who don't speak the same language. On the far side of neorealism. What is immoral. I'm starting to hate the term art film: discuss. What can't you do that your religion won't allow. To what does 8 1/2 refer. Acting with the body. Circus Nostalgia. Nostalgia for Italy. Childhood Nostalgia. Was he remembering, wanting to remember, thinking back. Opening scene: by the sea. A man wonders around Italy "looking for the film." Now you are in color.

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