Thursday, October 15, 2009

List: Temporal Art

  • light on hair
  • heirloom tomato salad
  • food in teeth
  • wet receipts
  • nestlike pile of cat hair behind the door
  • where sneezes land
  • breathing newspaper in the subway
  • tired eyes
  • you know what
  • two bikes locked together (they love each other!)
  • pile of roasted vegetables, mostly orange
  • falling asleep with a book
  • falling asleep with a pen
  • steamed milk in coffee


Dan Magers said...

Has plastic-bag-floating-in-the-wind transcended into something more canonical? Once one of those attacked me.

Jane said...

I love this ... and you still have heirloom tomatoes? That's lucky.

Farrah Field said...

A plastic bag is only canonical if it has the voice of Werner Herzog.

Ate the last heirloom tomato last night.