Friday, January 29, 2010

My Rally in Your Union

This week I walked in what is known as Outside for the first time since I came down with the flu last week. I made my debut upon The World at a noon-time emergency healthcare rally. Some other guy was coughing and sneezing behind me and I have to admit that I was coughing on the back of my own sign. There were speakers. They spoke into a microphone so we could actually hear them this time. One of them was a doctor. I have hope?

The State of the Union didn't exactly ramp anything up. Obama and others keep talking about how we have to go after Wall Street. (Obama is actually pretty soft on this, if you want to know. A tax on bankers who fucked our system and "earned" even more millions? They aren't fooling anyone). Now corporations can spend however much they want on elections. (How much is that exactly? They pay a great deal as is. They pay so much to fight healthcare that they could've funded healthcare already. Does this mean I'm going to be denied even more coverage so they can buy off the legislative branch?) Wall Street and corporations. We act like they're these huge, mysterious, monstrous, free-reigning beings and I guess they are since we always hear about them as such. (I actually live on Main Street--go figure). Don't we know that these giant monsters are the way they are because we refuse to regulate them? We have a deregulated market and that is why an elite few are running away with my savings and my dad's hard earned retirement money.

Here's where I'm confused. Republicans time and time again say that we can't have universal healthcare and other certain programs because they cost too much (although no one seems to talk about how much it costs to fight it) and our government is getting too big. They constantly talk about "the government" as though it were also one of those huge, monstrous, big thingies. Well, if everything is pretty much a big thingie, then who's going down first? Oh, right. The government. It's not that big. It's consists of the people you and I voted for, sitting somewhere with their thumb up their butts or not, getting bought out or not.

My wish, starting now, is for Republicans to tell the truth. They're Christians! They can do it! They are not worried about our government getting too big. They already know it can't because it is becoming more and more hollowed out. Last night, on national television, one of our Supreme Court Justices, someone sworn in for a lifetime to uphold the Constitution and nothing but, shook his head and pouted when Obama openly disagreed with the Citizens United decision. In his own mind, Justice Alito may or may not have embarrassed himself last night, but he sure did let us know our government--our oh-so-scary big bag government--starting with our highest court, with the exception of very few, is comprised of me-first, stop- progress, can't-think-of-anything-except-morals-they-can't-uphold, liars, hypocrites, and bought-out war mongers with, thank you Alito, even less integrity.

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