Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Louisiana Update

Today I'd been thinking about Louisiana and how I once read that Louisiana had the highest rates of domestic violence. As I was searching for evidence of this statistic, I came across this interesting website that compares findings from all 50 states.

Here's what you need to know about Louisiana before moving there:
  • it ranks 49th for best place to live
  • has the highest rates of poverty
  • ranks 45th on education. California is oddly number 46. If you live in California, be very afraid. My chemistry teacher was a 19 year-old fill-in.
  • is number 1 in gun violence
  • uses just as much oil as densely populated states
  • ranks 49th in health care
  • ranks 50 regarding economic growth
What I want to know is how does anyone run for election there? Do you just not have to worry about answering for yourself because everyone is so uneducated? How does this happen? Some third world countries have better health care than this. I'm embarrassed.

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