Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Voices You Hear Were The Ones You Made

When you read over italicized words, do you read it differently? I do. I kick italic-voice right in. I did it a ton while reading Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking. She's the best italic-voice giver. She writes about having to call an ambulance. Just come, she said. Just come. I love that. It's interesting that just by slanting the letters, you can change how the words sound in your mind.

Speakin' of voices you hear when you read, do you hear someone's voice that isn't your own? I hear my senior English teacher's voice. Mrs. Boniol was the first teacher who read something like she cared about it. My other English teacher wore pants slips. I could see them sticking out from under her pants.

Steve Roberts, a poet I workshop with, hates italics in poems. I sort of agree or agree enough to try it. I like it when you can't tell who's talking, if there is even someone talking. I like guessing at emphasis. I took all the italics out of my manuscript today.


steven karl said...

ha funny! Pants slip. I actually like some italics in poems (just read an Allyssa Wolf poem that is like a page of italics)but hate quotation marks in poems. We all have our peeves, huh?

Farrah Field said...

I think I could take Allyssa Wolf doing anything! Anything! (In italics)

steven karl said...

She's new to me, but I just finished reading her Cannibal book.