Thursday, July 22, 2010

List: Your Fad Is So Obvious

  • Stockings. They are meant to be worn on the legs during WINTER. They keep your legs warm. Unless you're in some kind of marching band, you can go bare.
  • Boots with shorts. The look is cheeky during Spring and Fall, but one hundred and two degree weather? You're screaming.
  • Sweaters. Quarter sleeve, half sleeves. It's August. So you wear one in the office. Outside, it's hot.
  • Other random winter objects. Scarves. Turtlenecks. They are doing things you don't need right now.


walter faure said...

I so totally agree—these people are "screaming" about how cool they think they are. In a similar vein, I have never understood self-contradicting items of clothing, such as the sleeveless turtleneck or wool shorts.

Farrah Field said...

Oops. I totally have wool shorts. Which I wear in winter! With stockings!