Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Raffled Hair

Watch out, y'all! There's an anagram maker! What do you get when you type in your name? When I graduated from Columbia, Lucie Brock-Broido and Richard Howard used to make anagrams from all the students' names. I don't have an L in my name, but who cares?

Speaking of raffled, I've always been a little smitten by words that end -led. As though those words are led to something or by something. Baffled, led by confusion or baff. Tousled. Crumpled.


steven karl said...

Navel Treks
Lark Events
Ant Elk Revs

Farrah Field said...

Lark Events! Someone needs to use that as a name for a reading series!

Jared White said...

Lucie and Timothy called me Rawhide Jet!

niina said...

Oh, Farrah, what about "Flarf Hardie" for you?

Mine are all strange-o --

"Lanai Loin Rip"? Ouch.
"Plain Liar Ion" I just don't relate.

And "Lira La Pinion" just sounds like a showbiz name.