Saturday, April 11, 2009

Every April 11th is April 11th

For some strange reason, Time Magazine was being mailed to our house a few years ago. We're more of a Harper's sort of family, especially after their recent publication of the entirety of Timothy Donnelly's, "The Cloud Corporation," especially after Elisa Gabbert so eloquently called the magazine to our attention. 

So Time made okay wrapping paper until one arrived, fully and completely dedicated to the subject of siblings. I read every article (thinking: fact checking?, hmm, really?, oy). One article was about how your siblings pretty much teach you everything you know about relationships. If you thought you married your mother, you're wrong; you totally married your brother or sister. Siblings teach us conflict resolution, etc. People who grew up with siblings of the opposite sex... listen, I can't really go into it anymore because it was too ridiculous to remember let alone relate. The only reason why I read every article is because I was desperately looking for something to be said about siblings who have lost siblings. What happens to us? Do our personalities change because we have to suddenly change rank from youngest to onliest? 

Today is rainy and today is today. I am here and she is not. I wonder what she would've said about my brisket. I didn't have any myself, but I rubbed oil all over it and stuffed garlic into it. The old man seared it for me and basted it and gave little snippets to my cat. My sister would've rolled her eyes and snorted something about since when does a vegetarian cook meat. How true. Since when. 

Well, time to go walk around Brooklyn looking for something I'll never find.


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