Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Don't Think We're In Dorothy Anymore

I am not going to a convention in Kansas.
There are pink guns for girls in Kansas.
My aunt cooked quiche in Kansas.
I purchased a one dollar pull of beer in Kansas.
You can drink beer with Anne Boyer in Kansas.
When the Long Branch Bar closes, you should go to The Branch next door in Kansas.
The Branch plays what seemed to be death metal in Kansas.
Jared White read poetry in Topeka, Kansas.
My aunt has a twenty year-old cat in Kansas.
The sky is very big in Kansas.
My great-grandmother lived to be almost 103 in Kansas.
The floor is shiny at the airport in Kansas.
Harry S. Truman never went to college.
The Harry S. Truman presidential library is located in Kansas City, MO.
I watched episodes of Mad Men in Kansas.
Who knew there is a channel called AMC.
Chlorine stung my eyes in Kansas.
The rental car agent asked if I wanted to live in Kansas.
KCK = Kansas City Kansas in Kansas.
I saw a giant badminton birdie in Kansas.
My uncle asked if I'm a cat fancier in Kansas.
There are fields that will become sunflower fields in Kansas.
Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary is bigger than I imagined in Kansas.
My mother used to live in Kansas.
My aunt has taken over my uncle's study in Kansas.
Many people I talked to said they could not live in New York City in Kansas.
My cousin had surgery on her wrist in Kansas.
I am stuck at the airport in Kansas. 


Abby said...

I've seen the pink guns...odd. Well, at least you came up with more adventures in KCK than I would have imagined the town could actually offer. Have a safe trip home!

Claire said...

I was in Kansas on April 15! The Eisenhower library is in Kansas, amazing buildings on the plains. But check on the Truman--I think it's in Independence, MO. I love your poem. -CLB