Saturday, August 8, 2009

No One Loses In Louisiana

Check out the political frontier of one of my former home states. Porn star Stormy Daniels is quite possibly running for senator here in Louisiana. She will run as a Republican. Sigh. Doesn't she care about women's rights? Everyone knows that Republican women look ten times as fanatical as Republican men, aren't allowed to make as much money as them, and protect fetuses and shoot cute animals. Anal sex is illegal in the state of Louisiana, so I'm not sure how she's going to get around that one... Anyway, she's going to be running against David Vitter, of the former D.C. Madam fame, of the former asking his call girls to dress him in adult diapers fame, of the former using his campaign funds to pay for his defense fame.

This is no joke. Do I have to remind you that in my former great state, two of our three insurance commissioners left office, charged with felonies? We don't play down here. Stormy Daniels' public relations person's car has been bombed. (Did you ever see the TV Nation episode where they drive a truck throughout Louisiana, filled with Soviet materials? It only made it a week or so before that was bombed).

What really kills me is my selfish reaction to Stormy Daniels's career switch. I have needs to! Stormy Daniels is one of a few women who actually direct pornographic films and although I wish she could direct women to stop chirping when they fake pleasure, she would be a loss to the male-centric porn industry. Shame on me. I guess it's okay if she wants to pursue her own interests. I'm looking forward to the debates.

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