Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back from the South with Stories and a Mosquito Bite on my Butt

While sitting around a hotel lobby with my extended family, one of my aunts related what happened to my great-great grandfather. He lost a leg while fighting in the Civil War. My aunt said that the leg was removed with a guillotine-like contraption. My great-great grandfather was very concerned about being buried a "whole man." So after the War, he had his leg smoked and cured so that he could be buried with it. And he was.

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Ross Brighton said...

That is soooo amazing.
Oh, and I love Rising. I just found out a compatriot is off to the US, (this morning - I was going to post books this arvo) so he's going to post them there - flying out on Sat. I reckon it'll be quicker, not to mention cheaper that way.