Monday, June 15, 2009

Brought to You By The Letter M

When you scroll through your music, do you ever worry that you favor one letter over another--as far as bands and singers are concerned?

These are all my M bands obtained within the last year:
M. Ward (Playing Summer Stage in Central Park on August 1st!)
Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris (Do you consider this an M? I think it's cheating, so I offer Laura Marling in their stead. When is she going to play New York City?)
Marla Hansen (She moved to Berlin?)
Meg Baird
melpo mene (Two points?)
Midlake (Now MIDLAKE on Facebook.)
Mumford & Sons (I'm betting Marcus Mumford has the kind of English accent that makes him say pizzar. Did you know there were conferences in both England and the U.S. that determined the correct pronunciation/spelling of aluminum/aluminium? Aluminium was favored by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemists for being closer to the pronunciation of the other elements, such as beryllium. I read about this in John Emsley's Nature's Building Blocks: An A-Z Guide to the Elements. Language councils must be so fun.)

P.S. This afternoon I walked very traveled-tiredly through the MOMA, in none other than an exhibition on music created by former artists such as Patti Smith and the like.

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Ross Brighton said...

I tend to overload on Ss. (S's? but thats a possessive...)