Thursday, June 4, 2009

Knitting Needles Can Make You Bleed

The only time I ever cursed at an airport security person was when she opened by bag for inspection and jacked my very expensive silk & mohair blend yarn into the zipper of my bag. She most likely ignored my foul mouth because she opened my bag without my knowledge, while I was walking through the metal detectors. 

I absolutely refuse to think in the new way, that my knitting needles or anything else I may have, lip balm for instance, are weapons. Every time I fly, someone makes a comment about how surprising it is that I can get on a plane with knitting needles in my handbag. Take into account this craft blogger, who discusses how she could potentially strangle someone with her knitting needles. The comments, oy, are even worse suggestions about wearing slip-on shoes and the like. I'm supposed to make it easier for others to treat me like a potential killer? Am I the only one who hates it that people think this way? Like I'm not supposed to pack socks because I could potentially shove my sock balls up someone's asshole? This is how our decline starts, first one thing then the other, then we censor ourselves, then we have almost no rights at all.  

When I taught high school, my students became infuriated if they remotely thought I punished the entire class instead of the few people who deserved it. They're so right. Why should travelers be punished for what American foreign policy and intelligence agencies should be preventing? Keep in mind tourism is all most of our local economies have going since most of American industry is overseas.

While I slept last night, President Obama delivered a very moving speech about peace in the Middle East. I'm not sure how Obama plans to get extremists to agree with him, but couldn't we tackle some of our own extremism, hmm? So how about it, may I bring water with me on airplanes? I like peace too.   


Ross Brighton said...

Next thing they're not going to let us carry pens. or maybe they don't. I haven't flown in a while.

If I'm sitting for a long time, or reading, and can't jot things down, i will go crazy and hurt someone. Maybe.

Also, apparently the 13th (?) is international knit in public day. I will be participating!

Elisa Gabbert said...

This seems like an apt time to tell you I've always been kind of afraid you might shove your socks up my asshole.

There's a name for the bias, but I can't remember what it is, when you overfocus on the one thing that went wrong as though it were the only thing that could have or could in the future go wrong, when actually there are infinite ways to attack a pilot or sneak a bomb onto a plane aside from water bottles and shoes. It makes a certain sort of idiot feel better while not actually doing anything to reduce risk.